Meg has dreamed of full scale MMO virtual reality environments since she can remember. As a UX geek she wants to explore the ways that VR will change the interface, human to computer, and human to human interactions. We’re witnessing the birth of a brand new paradigm. How society responds to that is interesting, but the way that individuals react is even more so.



Craiis a proponent of the belief that gaming “leads the way”. Everything in modern computing owes at least a footnote to computer games. While his dreams of immersive environments is not new, it’s no mistake to say that we are witnessing a literal inflection point in the development of humankind. With the introduction of the first viable virtual reality platform in the Oculus Rift, we aim to explore its potential and communicate our perspective on what it means and where it will take us. Craig is a long-time blogger from, and a thinker and contributor to the milieu of games and technology


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